We have different expectations of trees and shrubs that relate to their shape: from aesthetics to shade to structural integrity. At Red Oak, all of our pruning is performed according to strict industry standards that account for these factors.


Why Prune?

  • Remove dead branches

  • Train young trees for proper structure

  • Rejuvenate the growth of mature shrubs

  • Correct for structural imperfections to enhance performance during storms

  • Prevent the spread of insect and disease problems with sanitation pruning

  • Clear select branches to reveal a view

  • Thin crown for better light and air filtration

  • Provide clearance for structures and paths

  • Enhance overall shape of trees and shrubs


We believe in saving trees, but sometimes, as in the case of dead, diseased  or hazardous tree, circumstances may warrant tree removal. Red Oak's arborist will suggest an alternative to removal if there is a viable option available. Tree removal is a specialized task that requires trained professionals. The result can affect the look and safety of your landscape as well as the area around your property including drainage, driveways, buildings and utility cables.


Red Oak uses the proper equipment to carefully dismantle and remove trees. This usually includes chipping down the branches, cutting the tree trunk into smaller sections, and cutting the stump close to the ground.


After removing a tree, the work is not done yet. The stump needs to be removed as well. Leaving an exposed stump can be unsightly to look at, attract termites or other insects, and cause damage through spreading roots. Red Oak has an experienced crew and specialized equipment to remove or grind down stumps safely and efficiently.